Friday, April 29, 2011

My Royal Wedding

As many of you know, it is the day of the Royal Wedding today!

I think doggies should have their royal wedding too!

Since I am a Princess, I want my own Royal Wedding and a Prince! In fact, I have my eyes on a certain somebody, but I must see if he would take my hand first - I mean paw!

I'm sure the late Princess Diana won't mind if I wore her gown. 

Don't you agree that I look like quite the Royal Princess in it?!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday #45

Today is meant to be Wordless, but I feel a need to describe this scene for you.

First of all, do you see the dog?


Well, as many of you know, shelties are SHORT! 
Many people who have met Eva have said she looks so much smaller than she does in the photos.
That's because she IS small!

Well, short dogs can't see as high up as we humans can! 
Therefore, even though I can see the cat, she can't.
AND she knows there's a cat somewhere up there....
(must be instinct)
but as you can see her sense of direction is a bit off :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time flies - yet another holiday is over :(

Written by Rosie

It's yet another end to the school holidays - always a sad time to have to go back to school and leave the little Princess (that is, the sheltie princess)!

Of the six years I've been in the UK, I've never had to endure flying back on my birthday (which is on Monday), but this time, I do.
Depressing, really. Plane flights have never been my cup of tea, but in fact, recently I had once been upgraded (mysteriously) to Business Class which I thoroughly enjoyed...but that is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I doubt I'll be able to fly Business Class anytime soon!

Being back home has been fun as always - eating the best food and cuddling my sweet princess were the highlights. There was also lots of work, in terms of piano work and school revision. I have my GCSEs this coming term...and have no idea whether I'm ready for them or not. Woops~! I think Eva's gonna have to cross her paws a lot for me this term! :D

I have a special birthday present this year for my 16th birthday :

Incredible, really.
I've never been a macbook fan, but since I have it, it would be stupid to say no to it, especially since I'm already falling in love!!! ^^

I think that's all for now! Here are some pictures:

And for your amusement,

When I'm practising the piano, she will come to me
and sit next to me, looking up...usually begging me to play
 tug with her. 
And I can never resist that CUTE face!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Groomers

It was my third time going to the grooming salon.

A picture of me BEFORE my bath

On the first time, I wet everybody who was bathing in completely soaked / drenched inside out. It took all the assistants to hold me down. And when they used the blow dryer on me, I went completely nuts. I hated the electric toothbrush too!!

But you must know, when at home, I am a very good girlie and behave myself~!

On the second time, they said I was a little bit better...(but I guess they were just too embarrased to tell mom that I was still very naughty).

Today, I didn't even want to enter the salon. As we entered, I kept struggling and trying to run out!!

When my humans came to pick me up, the groomers said I was a very good girl with the blowdryer and electric toothbrush!! Their jaws dropped ~ Don't they know I'm not always so cracker-dog?

AFTER my bath

A human's note:

As we picked Eva up, she felt so different! 
Her fur was lighter and softer than ever,
And she smelt.....FRAGRANT!

During the car ride home, her 'aroma' filled the whole car :)

Do I look any different? I don't think so!!!

Those humans better not take me there too often!!! 

And my feet are no longer furry!!!

To all our friends,
Have a great Easter!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New toy!

We bought a puzzle toy for Eva to try out recently. I had to import it from elsewhere because they don't sell these toys her in Malaysia.

We were all very excited when the box arrived!

"Another box for me?? Let's open it!!!"

"HEY!!!!!! Someone help me outta here, please?"

"You know, I think they call this puppy abuse!"

Posing with my new toy...
in the box! ... Wait... now I'm confused. 
Is my toy posing with me in the box? 

Even a smart sheltie like me couldn't figure out the logistics of getting the treat!!

Here is a video for your amusement.

A human's note:

It was to our greatest surprise when we came home after a while to find out that she had indeed managed to solve the puzzle. We still don't know how, but when we get a video of it, you'll be the first to find out!!!!

So the box asks - "How smart is your dog?"
Well....very apparently, not very!

And in answer to this, 


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm back from the beach!

We are back from the beach!

We took Eva on our second visit back to the beach which is a good 3.5 hour drive away.
She wasn't as adventurous in the water as she was the first time. It seems like the princess doesn't like getting her feetsies wet!!! Everytime a wave came near, she was always quick enough to avoid it.

Never trust the humans who say 'It's okay'. The sea is SCARY!

Eva also made some new friends who arrived on the same day as we did. They are a beautiful black and tan GSD girl like our blogger buddy, Anna, and a sweet golden retriever. They were so gentle to Eva who had loads of fun teasing them and getting them to chase her.

My big scary jaws are gonna get you one day!

Clever Eva knows that the big dogs can't get inside the inner circle. She makes them chase her by going in and out of the circles, round and round.

Eva: Where is he?
Chippy: Teehee!! Found you!!

Meeting the bunnies. 

Hey, can you get the dog to stop staring at me?

Although it rained quite a bit while we were there, we were still lucky to be able to catch some moments when it stopped raining to go to the beach and take photos as the sun came out.

Here are some pictures we took during the low tide in the early morning.

Getting her to cross the water, luring her with yummy treats!

We'll be back!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A born killer?

 This is a common household gecko that lives in virtually every single house here in Malaysia.
 We often call it a lizard but you may probably relate the word to a huge monitor lizard or something similar.

I even shudder looking at this picture.

Few days ago, my daughter screamed from the kitchen.
Apparently, Eva had found a lizard and had given chase.
Actually, no.

She had caught the lizard in her mouth! And probably out of fright, dropped it, and then stepped on it's tail, where it proceeded to squeal, sending Rosie off screaming (she's terrified of lizards) because Eva had just cut off half of it's tail!
(P.S. Lizard tails grow back after they're broken so it isn't the end of the world).

Since then, whenever Eva sees a lizard, she will chase it and even attempt to run under a car (don't worry, the car has its engine off!!!) for it!

We will be away for a few days, so we apologise in advance for not being able to visit your blogs!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Name contest!!

Our buddy, Reilly, over at Cowspotdog is having another one of his fabulous contests to win his momma's awesome card designs!

I have a slight feeling I've written a post about this before, but haven't the time to dig it up again!

As many of you know, I was born right at home in my garden after it had rained that evening. (The story as to why I was born in the garden in the first place can be read here if any of you are interested!!)

Well, my dad wanted to call me "Rain". They kept the name up for a few days until my sister Rosie and mommy decided that "Rain" sounded way too depressing! So Rosie cracked her brains until she decided on a name she liked a lot...and that is "Eva".

She got the name from an awesome Pixar animation, as many of you may know, called Wall-E!
Eve is in fact the white flying robot's name...but when Wall-E calls her, he says "Eeeee- Va" in his electronic voice and it sounds so cute!

I still have the name 'Rain', but it is in my kennel name as Caledonian Rainbow.  
(I think Rainbow is much better than Rain!)

I like the name "Eva". I look like an Eva, don't I?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tiring, but FUN!

Last week was a very exciting week for me. I met my favourite auntie Lian again when she came back for a short visit. As always, she brought me tons and tons of treats and yummy foods from England! I guess that's why I love her so much :)

I visited her four times in a week! And each time we had so much fun running and playing together. I also got to go to her house (and made it my second home) which had a huge garden I could run in.
I also learnt lots and lots of new tricks (which I've forgotten now, but you know, it was fun working for food!)

Now that Rosie is home, my life has been so busy and I haven't been able to have my daily nap-times! I heard that we are going somewhere special this weekend! I know it will be FUN!!


Showing off my beautiful leash and personalized harness from auntie Lian

Hehe! I ran away with her slipper!

When we said bye-bye to auntie Lian, I gave my sad, gloomy, pitiful look. 
I miss you, auntie Lian!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something exciting !!

Mika: Did you hear that...?

Eva: Of course, I did!!

Did you hear about that too???

PeeS: If you still don't get it, my sister Rosie is coming home tomorrow!!!
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