Friday, May 16, 2014

Guard Dog!

Mum is going to Hannover and leaving me and dad at home AGAIN!

I think Mum misses sister Rosie a lot so she needs to spends some time with her. Well, I think that's fair enough as I have her days and nights. It's Rosie's turn to have Mum now.

I'm a guard dog you see so I promised her I'll take care of the house and Dad while she isn't at home.

I check every corner of the yard

Never miss anything like this

Ta ta! It's patrolling time now.

P.s.  So sorry for not being able to leave many of my pawprints in your comment boxes but we do visit everyone of you all the time.  Mum is slow lately and her excuse is her age is catching up with her. :(

Monday, May 5, 2014


What does a 400g mean to you?

The Dr. VET said I've put on a little weight so I'm 400g heavier than last year. Dad think it's alright as I'm still pretty, slim and fit but my mum wasn't so happy with the news at all. I'm afraid some strict diet programmes which I loath so much will be on in no time though.

But what can a little princess do? I'd better keep my paws crossed tightly from now on.

I might end up looking for some supplements here and there

or going green

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