Sunday, September 21, 2014

Post-grooming coffees and a photoshoot

It's not easy finding a dog-friendly restaurant or café here in Malaysia. Luckily for us, we know a small coffee place near Eva's groomers that is Eva-friendly! The owners of the café are dog lovers and I guess the Princess has charmed them! 

The interior design of the cafe offers a nice backdrop for a little photosession. They had cute little white tables and chairs, paired with white walls and a grey floor. 
 Our little photographer and sheltie had some fun taking photos!

Eva enjoys coming here mainly because she gets to roam around freely and also wait for delicious treats to drop from the table! She feels very much at home and the people are amazed that she's so calm. (Well, a princess has to act princess-like when she's outside doesn't she?)

Love her beautiful cross paws

She is such a little poser! 

Don't they look like studio shots?

While Eva was busy working for her food, we enjoyed our coffees.

Latte with double shot espresso!

A hot chocolate

Hope you enjoyed the photos!! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Eva and Chili's playdate!

I know it has been A VERY LONG TIME since my last post, and my apologies to you all for not visiting your blogs as often. It has been a long and tough couple of months for me because I got pretty ill and have been recovering ever since.

For those who have missed our little Princess, here are some photos for you!

Rosie has been home for a couple of weeks now for her summer holiday (although summer is nearly over!). Today, we met up with a new friend and her sheltie girl, Chili. Chili is 3 years old, and is a replica of Eva when she was a puppy --> young dog --> adult... Now Eva's just more mature and less reactive, I guess! Well, she is nearly 5 years old! Can you believe it?! Chili loves chasing motorbikes, barking at loud noises, just sheltie things only sheltie people would understand! 

Two happy girls

They are both so greedy, especially because Chili's owner brought along some homemade pork balls!! 
I think Eva would have gone home with her without a second thought!!

It was hard work trying to get both of them to beg at the same time!
As you can see, Chili is already a pro at it!

They had so much fun doing sheltie zoomies and Eva was herding Chili all along!

I also read today that one of our bloggie buddies, My Brown Newfies has been having a tough time because her gorgeous Newfie, Leroy isn't doing very well and needs some funds to help him get better! If you would be so inclined, please help donate to Jen so that Leroy can get all the medical attention he needs!

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