Friday, May 7, 2010

A day in the life of a sheltie pup

Greetings, Princess Eva here!

I'm guessing you're wondering what I do at home now ... all alone ... without my sister, Sweetheart, working by my side as my naughty minion apprentice!
Life gets boring when you don't have someone who can do the dirty work for you and get told off instead of you..

Since I started OB class, my humans have been giving me short training sessions each day which last for AGES (but they tell me it's just 5 minutes!) If the treats weren't involved, I don't think I'd be listening to any instructions! 

I know pictures can't really say much, but you're gonna have to believe me on this! I can actually be obedient! LOL


Sit-stay (this lasted 15seconds)
Grandma Laura thinks my obedience is all a fluke...She says I'm such a devil and she should get all my treats! 

When I get tired, I tell my humans that I've had enough by not listening, not looking at the treats, and doing my own little thing.

But whenever Uncle Mika calls me for guard duty, I immediately take my position as the fiercest watchdog in the neighbourhood. 
Don't underestimate me until you hear my bark!


Yas said...

What a wonderful life!


Lian said...

That is truly the Sheltie Life!

Diana said...

Looks like she is going well with all of it. Shelties are such fun. Diana

Sara said...

Life is good. Especially when you're a Princess.

Chris and Ricky said...

You're doing great with your obedience, Eva!! Keep up the good work!

Remington said...

GREAT JOB! You are so smart. And you are getting even more beautiful each time I see you....

Bandit's Pack said...

Good job, Eva!! It's so fun watching your collar appear - you're looking so grown up! ♥

AC said...

Eva, you're going to be QUEEN soon if you keep up with all that obedience!

the booker man said...

princess eva,
i think you're doing a grrreat job with your obediences! i know what you mean, though, cuz at first i wouldn't do anythingie without a cookie. just give it some time, and it will get easier. you are off to a super duper good start!!
the booker man

Hi! I'm Sierra-Dog! said...

Hi Eva,
You're doing great! Good job on all of your obedience! 15 seconds of sit-stay is a REALLY long time. You're doing fantastic- and looking super-cute while doing it! ;)

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