Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Experiences

Everything in life is exciting for a little pup, especially new things!

She officially dug her first hole!
(not that we should be rejoicing over this!)
She looks pretty pleased with herself.

You should always jump when you see a cat in your house. 
And then something else grabbed her attention...
A snail - how interesting!

She also realised that posing for the camera is fun
(while waiting for treats)

What is exciting for us is how fluffy and beautiful she is getting!


Sara said...

Another sheltie hole digger! Glad to know Oreo's not the only one.

Love the photos of her with the snail. That snail is huge! We only have teeny tiny ones where I live. How neat!

Chris and Ricky said...

I've never dug a hole - maybe if Eva and Oreo like is so much, I should try it!

DSS said...

The snail picture is so darling!!

Louis hasn't started digging yet, but as a terrier I know I should expect it any time now!!

She is becoming more and more beautiful every day :)

Andrea said...

Thanks for your continued prayers.
woofs and wags,

koko said...

Soon Eva will learn that garden toads taste slimy and yucky... as I learned the hard way.

Licks, hero

Lian said...

I think all sheltie puppies started off their first skill is digging hole in the garden! She is such a darling!

Be careful with the snail. It cause lung worm in the UK, not sure about Malaysia but better watch out for that one.

AC said...

Eva, I think you may be levitating in that second picture. You sure are talented. It so nice that you get to explore the world like a puppy should.

Bandit's Pack said...

Not every dog gets to have their picture taken with their first hole - lucky Eva! ☺ She's certainly maturing and just gets more beautiful each and every day!

Diana said...

Wow, thats a big snail. Hey some escargo for Eva, Lol I love the last picture. Diana

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the cat jumping picture. LOL That is hilarious!
Just wait til she meets her first frog. Now THAT is a Kodak Moment! :-)
Enjoyed reading the blog post!

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