Sunday, June 20, 2010

OB #10 and Making Friends!!!

As we already passed our OB exam last Sunday,  
what we did today was purely playing and making friends. 

Running with Groovy

But he's only interested in his frisbee!!!

Doesn't look like she hurt her leg! 

My new learned trick - PAW!!!

Mom was so proud of herself because I finally lifted my PAW to her

We did some work, of course...

I think I need a break now...

Making new friends

Buddy the husky

 Isn't he handsome?
Getting treats with River, Megan and Amber the three most gentle creatures in the world! 

Another new friend, Pacco de Mongrel 

Happy and me

What a busy day!


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Eva has some wonderful doggie friends!

I love when she lifted her paw for you, reminded me of Lassie lol.
When I was little I was obsessed with Lassie and used to sit in front of the TV at the end of the show (like a dog) and lift my "paw" when Lassie lifted hers!! lol

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

Oh My Dogness, what a fun time that looks like and what a lovely bunch of friends. Good job on the paw, btw. I don't do that, but I admire the Sheltie work ethic.

wags, Lola

Ms. ~K said...

What fun furiends you have!!!
And look at you with the paw!!!
Good work!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

koko said...

Glad to hear that Eva has recovered from the leg incident... phew indeed!... she sure has lots of furiends at OB class and lots of fun too :)

Licks, hero

houndstooth said...

You sure have a great place to meet all your friends! It looks like a really fun day to me!


Bandit's Pack said...

Great job of mastering "paw!" You've got a great group of friends. Aren't dog names fun?!Pacco de Mongrel is quite original!

Two Little Cavaliers said...

Thanks for joining the blog hop. Looks like you had a great day with your friends. Congratulations on passing your OB exam. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

Sara said...

Yay Eva! Congratulations on your exam! And for learning the paw trick!

My, Eva has LOTS of friends. She must be the most popular girl at school.

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

OMD, it looks like everyone was having so much fun!
That last picture of Eva is spectacular!!


Chris and Ricky said...

I can't believe you know Amber and Pacco too! Pacco was one of our first blogging buddies! Tell her we miss her!

Eva is doing so well with making friends and learning lots of new stuff!

Shelley said...

You are such a great athlete! Great taste in friends too!! Wish my fur was as shiny as yours!!
Your pal,

Sierra Rose said...

What a really fun time!! Great pals you have there too :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Keiko said...

Your photos are just wonderful! You had such a great time, and your PAW trick is fabulous! Well done!
Mummy taught Keiko that trick and she can also sit too! AND she's a kitty!

We loved seeing your friends!
Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla, AND Yuji

Sagira said...

Wow, you made a lot of new friends. :)

Vonnie said...

Clever & Gorgeous girl!

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