Saturday, June 19, 2010


Our Eva girl injured her left hind leg yesterday evening due to too much running and jumping in the garden.

She was completely alright before I did some gardening in the back yard and she was in her playpen in the garden. However, due to the noises I made when I was getting rid of the weeds, she ran and barked frantically in her play pen.

My husband took her back to her room as she was making too much noise out there. Sometimes I wonder I've already become the centre of the neighbourhood because of our noisy little fella.

I went to see her after I'd done my gardening which was about 20 minutes later and found her behaving a bit weird. She was just sitting there and looking at me, I called her a couple of times and she finally got up and walked to me then I realised something was wrong with her left leg.

My husband and I tried to lift her legs up and touched her legs but she didn't make any noise, no whining, no whimpering, no complaining at all.

The next thing I did was I rang the vet and luckily he was still in his clinic. We zoomed to him and reached his clinic within 15 minutes.

The vet is a very kind gentleman. He examined Eva's legs and hips carefully, used his hands to feel her bones and hips, tried to rotate her legs and finally he said it could be an inflammation there. A jab was given for reducing the inflammation and a tablet for the next two evenings.

As you all know that we're always concerned about Eva's hind legs because they look a bit like cow hocked and they're kind of weak, the vet suggested to give Eva's hips an x-ray in order to find out what has happened to her hips. The appointment is scheduled next Tuesday morning.

We don't know whether it's a good idea for giving Eva the x-ray as she's still a puppy but the vet said it's fine as she's already 6 months old. So, the appointment is made.

It wasn't a very pleasant evening for me at all yesterday as I was so so worried about our naughty daredevil Eva girl. In fact, Hana's incident still haunts me all the time and I really don't like that feeling. I get tense easily too if anything goes wrong with Eva.

Luckily, Eva behaved quite normal and walked as usual before we went to bed although she's still a bit quiet. I think it's because of the jab.

It was a big relief to see the little girl running, jumping and barking as usual this morning.
It was a 'PHEW"!!!
The stone in my heart is gone!

For a change, I'm having the lead this time!
I'm my own boss now, Yippee!!!


Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Oh dear! I do hope Eva is feeling much better! i get so worried when Ace shows any sign of discomfort, my heart goes out to you!
Eva is looking more and more beautiful every day! You & your family are lucky to have such a sweetie!
I hope everything goes well on Tuesday with the Xray!

Ryker said...

We are so glad to hear that she is doing better this morning! She is so very cute. We will keep our paws crossed for a healthy X-ray result.

Sara said...

What a relief! I'm so glad Eva was feeling better in the morning.

I hope the x-ray helps explain what is going on with Eva's hind legs, and maybe they can give you some advice on what you can do to help her.

Chris and Ricky said...

So glad to hear that Eva was better this morning! Mom always feels so sick herself if something is wrong with me. Hopefully the x-ray will show nothing wrong with Eva's legs/hips!

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

Oh, poor little girl! I hope you're on the mend now and that the tests go very well. Will be thinking of you and of course, please keep everyone posted.

wags, Lola

katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

whew! So glad she is feeling better, Personally I wouldn't worry too much about the x-rays, maizey had to have a full work-up before her first surgery and she was barely 6 months old. It is important to know what it happening with their growth plates and the only way to tell is x-rays. Our vet did digital xrays so he showed us on the screen and was able to zoom into the important parts and show us different angles. Very cool and helpful. Might ask if your vet offers that service. Hope it all goes well!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

ohhhh poor Eva! I, too am so happy she is doing better this morning. I can just imagine how upset you were last night, it is so hard when things are not "just right" with our fur babies.
I will pray that all will be fine when Eva has her Xrays and yes as someone else said we trust you will keep us posted. We are all thinking of you! I am sure Eva will be fine!
Had to laugh out loud about Eva being "loud"....ohhhhh you know I can relate with my own barking boy Sheltie! Mine has quite the reputation!! lol
Hugs and kisses to you and Eva!

Happy (2005 -2011) said...

I'm glad she's fine! Take care.

Bandit's Pack said...

Thank goodness Eva is back to her normal active-puppy self! I bet that was very scary seeing her acting out of sorts. I hope the x-rays show everything to be completely normal.
Thank you for all the sweet comments you've left about our Bandit.

the booker man said...

miss eva,
i'm sorry you hurt your leggie, but i'm glad you are feelin' better this morning! try to take it easy, little miss!!
the booker man

T. Maxx said...

Hi Eva!
Hope everything's fine with you!


Ruth said...

That header picture is SWEET!

Diana said...

Oh no , I hate when that happens. Im glad she is doing better this morning. Diana

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