Friday, October 15, 2010

Mika's Update

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you who gave us the advice and well-wishes to Mika.

Mika is still resting at home and does some walking daily. He doesn't like to use that injured leg yet but we'll try to encourage him to use it more.
He's going to have his swimming when his incision is healed better. We plan to let him start it on Saturday but we'll make sure things are alright first.
He's on meds and vitamins and some high protein food is in his bowl too. 

Mika is a good boy, always cheerful and happy. He's a super friendly dog to everyone who comes to visit him!
He's tough too! Even after the 2nd surgery, he still howls and barks the loudest in the neighbourhood. 
I take it as a good sign : )

A bit about Eva:
Many of you have been wondering how Eva's stuffy stayed in one piece since she was a puppy till now!
Well, Eva has some favourite toys and this boxer is one of them. She NEVER destroys her favourite toys. She may chew on the scarf, or their whiskers but will not bite into them and eat their stuffing.

By the way, 13th October 2010 is a date to remember  : )
Our Eva girl waved goodbye to her puppyhood and has officially become a "YOUNG LADY".


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

When I looked at Mika I could have just started crying. You can see his wonderful and strong spirit in his "smile" and twinkling eyes. He is one brave and strong boy that is for sure! He is so lucky to be with you. I am confident he will become stronger with each passing day.
Mika has a "smile" that lights my heart!
As for "Ms.Eva"....I will miss her puppy antics but being a Sheltie they ALWAYS have their puppy moments!
Happy Becoming A Lady Day Eva!!!!!!

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

All Paws Crossed for Mika he is in our thoughts and prayers! That leg looks like it is very painful. Swimming should really help him feel better.
Congrats on becoming a Lady to Miss Eva! She is such a beautiful girl.

Dexter said...

Mika! You look great! I know you will be fine this time, I just know it!

Little Eva! I don't destroy stuffies either. Maybe you are part mastiff.


jen said...

Mika looks great! Glad to here that he is doing well:)

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

Mika has such a good attitude. I'm sure with all the great care you're giving him he'll heal and as good as new before too long.

lotsa licks, Lola

houndstooth said...

I'm so glad Mika is still getting better! Having a positive attitude is important in making a full recovery!

Miss Eva, you are as lovely as ever!


verobirdie said...

Good to hear Mika is doing well!

Yas said...

Bravo Mika! You're a fighter!
I used to de-stuff toys but these days i'm just too lazy...
Happy Becoming a Lady Day Eva!!


Sara said...

I'm glad to hear Mika is continuing to grow stronger. The fact that his personality hasn't changed is a wonderful sign.

Lady Eva! What a doll.

Chris and Ricky said...

I think Mika is doing very well - he looks good and he is enjoying his favorite activities of barking and greeting visitors! I hope he continues to recover and starts to use his injured leg.

Eva was a sweet puppy and will be an even sweeter young lady!

Ms. ~K said...

Mika is a special boy for sure!
Paws crossed for his recovery!

Oh Eva, you grew up so quickly!

Hugs and belly rubs,
~K and The Pups

Remington said...

We love you Mika! We hope you heal quickly! Eva -- congrats on becoming a lady....time goes by so quickly!

GRAÇA said...
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Anna the GSD said...

Go Mika!!

And you're becoming a lady?? Wowzer! Time flies!

Vonnie said...

Good to hear Mika is home and doing well! He is a handsome boy :)

Wow where does the time go! She will still be your puppy :)

AC said...

Thanks for the Mika update. It sounds like he's in good spirits. That's got to be good news!

And look at that little lady! Time sure flies.

Diana said...

Eva looks so beautiful!! Im glad Mika is feeling better. Diana

Sagira said...

We continue to send healing thoughts to Mika and hope that he will start to use the leg again soon.

Oh my...where does the time go? Little Eva is now a young lady.

George The Lad said...

So gald Mika is on the mend, Eve is just like me I have never chewed up my stuffies
See Yea George xxx

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