Friday, October 22, 2010

Poor Uncle Mika

We took Mika to the vet just a few days ago and came back with not so good news.

Apparently his muscle atrophy is pretty bad and he may not be able to use the leg again.
The leg doesn't seem to be hurting anymore when the vet moved it around but his muscles may have lost their memory.
Of course, we are still trying our best with daily swims and also some special supplements.

But don't worry about him! He is still as happy as ever, as long as we give him treats and lots of attention!

Open your mouth the widest competition!


Vonnie said...

I got confused there, as I am still on Thursday LOL!
Keep the swimming up it will strengthen up the muscles in the leg! Poor Mika, I'm sure he'll suprise the vets! :)

verobirdie said...

At least, his leg no longer hurts... and he is happy, and loved.
But still, I understand you are worried.
PS I think he wins the competition.

Remington said...

Poor Mika....give him a hug from us!

DSS said...

I had an injury and ended up with an atrophied muscle in my leg. Thankfully the other muscles kicked in, and you can't even tell when I walk. Although there is a "dimple" where that muscle was damanged. Hopefully Mika's other muscles will do the same thing :)

And even if they don't, it looks like he's going to be just fine!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I am encouraged by the comment from DSS that there is still hope!
I was just heartbroken when I read the news.
It does look like Eva offers him much understanding and affection and they appear to be the best of friends!
I am happy that Mika has Eva (and YOU!) to offer him comfort and I am happy to hear his leg no longer hurts.
He seems to be quite happy and that is wonderful news!
Stay positive, more GOOD THINGS CAN HAPPEN!

Dexter said...

I have no worries as long as the little guy is free of pain and doesn't drag his foot around because he is a lively dude that will motor just fine on three leggies. I will keep him in my thoughts that he is home for good and will continue to improve.


kathi said...

Glad to hear Mika's pain seems to be gone. Hang in there with the swimming, it won't hurt and maybe it will help. If worst comes to worst, dogs are amazing at being able to adapt to not having the use of one limb. Thinking good thoughts for you!

Piappies World said...

We are grateful that Mika is feeling happy despite the setback of his leg. Reading DSS' comment, we are also hopeful that his muscles will wake up and work again. We still have our paws crossed for this.

The photo of Mika and Eva is such a winner!

Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

Chris and Ricky said...

You never know what might happen with lots of love and time and rehab! Don't give up yet! Glad to know that Mika is not in any pain and doing well otherwise. He wins the widest mouth competition for sure! :)

houndstooth said...

I think it's awfully early to completely write it off. I hope that Mika will be able to use his leg again, but even if he can't, I've seen a lot of happy dogs living life on three legs. That's not to be gloom and doom, just to say that he can still be okay if the worst case scenario happens.

Sara said...

Keep doing the rehab swimming. I'm not giving up hope on Mika yet!

If it makes you feel any better, by neighbor's dog only has 3 legs now, but she still runs around like she's got 4. Dogs adapt very well.

Mika certainly looks happy.

Unknown said...

Oh Eva,
It is sad that the vet says that. But we wouldn't give up. He is happy n painfree. He is just so used to not using the leg.
It will take a lot lot lot of hard work on your part but we are pawsitive his leg will 'remember'.
Paws crossed..
btw, we think the new look your blog has is pretty smart:)
wags, Bud n Gingin

Sagira said...

That is very sad. But don't lose faith and keep trying. Sometimes the vets can be wrong. :)

Diana said...

Poor Mika. Im glad theres no pain. Maybe the muscle will kick in soon. Diana

Yas said...

Hi Eva and Uncle Mika!
Sorry to hear about Mika's leg there but so grateful that he's not in pain. Way to stay pawsitive!!

P.s - Beautiful picture of you two!


AC said...

Oh no! Keep working on that rehab. Mika seems like such a strong little guy. I'm sure he hasn't yet reach his healing capacity. Rehab can be such a long process.

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

Keep working when I got Cherry she had no muscle at all, and she did not use her leg at all, (no one had done any rehab with her and she had had her surgery over a year before I got her) but I went and worked with her a lot and she is able to do agility now, it is a lot of work but dont give up yet!!!

MadameMoiselle said...

We shall be positive ..The memory muscle is just a short term thingy. Anyhow, its still good to know he is still as happy as ever and that is most important!

You should probably try to get him to chase Eva around.


the booker man said...

i know mika's not a quitter, so he's not gonna give up tryin' to use his leggie just yet! i think it's too early to give up. and even if mika is only able to use his 3 leggies, he will figure it all out and be grrreat. he is such a determined guy!
me and asa and mama are still sendin' lots of mega healy vibes to you, mika!!

the booker man

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