Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eva to OB class!

Here's how our day went.

We left home at 9.30 to reach the training grounds at around 10am.
We met with the trainers and their dogs, talked to them for a while, watched them practise agility and obedience.
Apparently not many people came for lessons due to the holidays so we didn't get to watch the OB classes.
However, today was a great day for Eva to socialize, meet people and dogs, and also learn to accept treats from strangers - usually she sniffs the treats and walks away (which I guess is also good in a way when you don't want your dog to eat poisoned food).

Today she met a border collie, a few Jack Russell Terriers, a beagle and a golden retriever.
Some were mean, some were friendly. She wanted to play with all of them.

In the beginning, she was quite shy with the 5month old goldie pup, and whenever the goldie was going to come closer, she would run back...When she warmed up, they started sniffing each other.

At first, Eva just watch from afar. If someone approached her, she would let them pet her, but when it came to toys - like squeaky balls, she would run away.
The trainers there evaluated her. She has no drive (because she will not focus her full attention on something to get what she wants), which means agility would not be easy as she was bred for conformation, not for working. They also noticed her cowhocks and said it could be due to some serious linebreeding. She's also very inquisitive. They said she would be a good house dog (which she already is!).
She would watch the dogs doing agility with excitement, barking her head off (but luckily as they are experienced, they didn't get distracted).
Soon, she felt more at home and became more active, playful, and noisy! She would go to people for treats (sit, and down for a treat :D) and for some petting.
We're going back next Sunday to begin her obedience class and we'll see how that goes!


Back to some home news.

Eva's own room is done!
Instead of a small fenced up area in the kitchen, we've finally cleared a room for her.
Lucky pup has a big room all to herself!

Eva's daddy (Sunshine) and half-sister (Sweetheart) are visiting on Tuesday! We can't wait! 
We might be putting all the dogs in that room :D 


koko said...

First day of school is always a nervous experience... soon Eva will be terrorizing everypup in class... :) What a cozy room for Eva... big enough for some guest too.

Licks, hero

Sara said...

Awww, every princess needs her very own boudoir. I love her room!

I'm glad Eva had some fun socializing with the other dogs. I'm sure she'll continue to get more comfortable the more she goes.

1000 Goldens said...

Good job Eva - I always get a little overwhelmed in big groups of dogs and tend to stick with the humans! Your private room looks very nice :)

Chris and Ricky said...

Wow - your own room! It's so nice! Good job with all the new dogs at your school! I am sure you are going to love going to your class. And I bet you have more drive than they all think - it is there just waiting to come out!

Bandit's Pack said...

What a lucky little girl Eva is to have a room of her own! Good luck with the obedience classes, and most of all have fun there and meet good friends!

Unknown said...

Hi Eva,

Sounds like you had a great time at your first Obedience class! I'm sure you will make lots of friends and really love going to class each week, like I did. Can't wait to hear more about what you do next week!

Honey the Great Dane
ps. your own room? You ARE a lucky pup!!!

Diana said...

I dont know if you can meet a puppy one time and decide she has no drive. She must have some if she was barking at the dogs running agility. Miley came from a conformation home. So if you really want to do agility you need to work on play games now. Get her working and playing with you for somethinng she wants. Im so glad you had a good day. Diana

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Ah! How wonderful! We are so excited to start Puppy Obedience classes on the 23rd!
I thought Ace would be nervous around other dogs and people because he is so attached to his daddy and I, but he LOVES to get attention from people and dogs alike!
When he meets a new doggie, he sniffs them and then rolls over waiting for the dog to scratch his belly...I suppose he doesn't understand that he isn't going to get his belly rubbed by another dog! haha!! =)
(Ace will do anything for a belly rub) haha

Aw, I love the room you have for Eva! I wish we had the space for Ace's own room! ..One day... hehe
Does she enjoy her new room?

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