Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our 2nd OB Class

Happy 15th Birthday, Rosie!

Happy Barkday to our Little Rosie who is in UK now...Be good!!!

OK, now we come back to our 2nd OB Class...
which was quite...unsuccessful...

Basil the beagle ran towards her when he saw her and welcomed her happily. Our Princess Eva also started to make friends with others now.

I miss you, Puppy Eva!!!
Hi, Eva...I'm Princeton

Today is also Emma the boxer's 1st birthday. All dogs got a slice of doggy cake - Eva got a piece of cake too. We gave her a little and she sniffed at it but didn't eat it...
 Happy Barkday to you..... Emma
...So the big piece of cake was given to the lucky adults, Laura and Mika. 

Eva did some work but most of the time, she was distracted and wanted to play. However, we learned sit, down, stand, heel, turn right, halt and recall. This doesn't mean we did very well though!!!

Eva has a short concentration span so we have to keep training fun and short. She soon got tired of doing stuff for treats, and didn't even want to look at it. Once she decides it's enough, she won't do anything. The instructor thought that he could show me how to train Eva, but Eva looked at HIS treats and didn't want them. How embarrassing!! I wish I could tell him that Eva has a personality of her own! She's one naughty little pup. 

Treats... To eat or not to eat???

We read that from 4-8 months old, it's the adolescent stage of a pup when they don't want to come to you, run away from you...etc. All I can say is that it's too true when it comes to Eva. She's like that, and it's really quite sad when she doesn't want to come to you...especially when she sees that you don't have treats. 

Another problem we're facing is her and moving objects - cars, motorcycles, any fast moving object. She gets all jittery, wanting to chase them, jump at them. It's so dangerous especially when we take her for a walk, we've tried getting her to sit, and be calm, but it doesn't seem to work. Now we don't want to take her out, because walking her is like walking a maniac - she no longer stays calm, especially when a car goes by, or even when she sees people walk past - she has to stop, look back until they are out of sight. 
Any ideas on how to conquer this problem?

Puppy Eva girl is sleeping so well at home now. She's exhausted but happy and so she sleeps contentedly now. Sweetheart is so wide awake. I guess she has had enough sleep when we were out!!!


Remington said...

I do have a suggestion that has worked for us....TREATS! When training Rem to not get excited with bikes or logging trucks etc.go by we have a pocketful of treats and when we see something that may cause an excited moment we stop and hold a treat in our fingers and let him lick it or try to get in out of our fingers and have him stay focused on the treat until the excitable object has passed by. THEN he gets the treat and A LOT of praise. Takes practice but Remington has really caught on to this and works all the time now. Sometimes I don't even give him a treat because it doesn't bother him anymore....but it did at one time! Might be worth a try....

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Rosie!

Eva is still just a baby dog, her attention span is going to be pretty short. I trained Oreo using toys rather than treats when he was a puppy, since he was more interested with toys than food at that age. I made training a game, and he learned the basic commands that way.

Chris and Ricky said...

Happy Birthday Rosie! Hope you had a great day!

Oh if we only knew how to conquer the chasing moving objects problem, we'd be soooo happy! I hope you find the answer so you can let us know!

Josie said...

Happy Birthday Rosie!!
I hope you had a great day! We love you!!!

Oh little Eva is just learning so much. She's just a little pup and is distracted so easily. It takes lots of time and treats to teach them. And like Remington said, lots of praise (and treats). All dogs have different personalities so you have to find what works with them, toys, treats, praise, etc, just like Sara said too.

Much Love,
Josie and Blues

koko said...

Happy Sweet 15th, Rosie!

Don't sweat over the OB class... Eva is still taking in all the new smell, the new surrounding and also new furiends... there will come a time she'll settle in and learn the commands... treat or no treat, it's all in the bonding.

Licks, hero

Diana said...

Yes, the chasing car problem. My shelite has that problem too. What Ive been working on for a long time is , as the car starts to come toward us, I call her name as soon as she looks, click and treat. ( I really recommend a clicker). Most of the time when a car is coming , I call her name she comes and sit and watches the car go by, then gets a treat. I would work as far away from the cars and then work to getting closer and closer. Also if you want to walk her, go to were there are no cars , like parks. That way you arent reinforcing bad behavior. Everytime she gets to jump and try and go after the car, it just reinforced that behavior. This can be a long process to try to stop esp in herding dogs. So be patient. Good luck. Diana

Anna the GSD said...

You might be going through what mom called my "fear period" where I suddenly spazzed out over stuff I'd seen before, like cars. The best way to get over it was for mom to ignore my behavior and carry on as normal. I got over it.

As far as OB class goes, I know about not concentrating, but you're still somehow learning important stuff. I'm on my second round of the class and I'm doing much better. And learning stuff like OB helps make me more confident in myself. Just keep on keepin on!

Oh, and I don't take treats from anyone but mom either, but mom likes this. She'd rather know exactly what I'm eating in case some evil peoples tried to slip me something bad!

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