Thursday, April 1, 2010

Swing Photoshoot

Hello everyone! Princess Eva here!

Today, mom took my ear tapes off because they were starting to get really dirty and un-sticky.
Now, I look like a boy, and my face is totally out of proportion! I mean, what ARE those things on my head? I was even going to get another BATH because I started 'stinking' like myself. Those humans have really got to get used to my BODY ODOR. So mom counted the days from my last vaccination, and it isn't 10 days yet, which means ... no bath until SATURDAY!!!

Unfortunately, my swing photoshoot was taken AFTER my ear tapes came off...but hope you enjoy the pictures anyway.

I also learnt something yesterday. It is called NILF (Nothing In Life is Free). My humans took a video for you, but unfortunately it takes too long to load a video onto YouTube here in Malaysia, and usually Rosie helps with the uploading when she's in the UK, but because she's here, you will have to wait for another 2 weeks!

The whole point of NILF is that I sit whenever I want something.
So for example, if I want my toy, I will have to sit to get it. Isn't that clever?
Rosie taught me this trick and in less than 15 minutes, I caught on amazingly well she said. I don't even have to be asked to sit. I would just do it all on my own! Rosie said I'm such a clever puppy. I do love praises!!! I bet you can't wait to see the video now, can you?!!


Andrea said...

You are adorable with those ear tapes off.
Woofs and Wags,

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Your mama takes wonderful photos!!!
You look so cute!


Remington said...

Princess Eva you are a beautiful model! I think I see a new career for you! I liked the one where you stuck your tongue out....made me laugh!

Dawn said...

You are getting to be a gangly teenager, all legs and ears! I LOVE the header photo of you and your Mom! Bet you miss her.

You are just a beauty! Enjoy your swing!

Dawn and Katie the Sheltie-girl. (in Michigan)

koko said...

Nice princess poses, Eva... and we can't wait to watch the vid.

Licks, hero

AC said...

Eva, I think you need to ditch that career in flying (like you were practicing a few posts ago) and become a swing salesdog. You make that swing look so enjoyable, you could sell a ton of them!

Chris and Ricky said...

I hated having my ears glued! Are you going to have to get them retaped, Eva? You are a beautiful girl no matter how your ears turn out!

Can't wait to see the video of you sitting - I understand NILF too!

Emma Rose said...

We think you look beautiful. Just like a real princess!

Emma Rose and the Duchess

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