Sunday, April 4, 2010

Genting Highlands

Guess where Eva was this weekend?

.... Yep, you guessed right! Genting Highlands, a hilly area situated about 1 hour from our house. The air is cool and the wind is strong, perfect for a little sheltie pup trapped in the humid hot air of Malaysia.

Guess what Eva did?

There are so many things to say, I don't know where to start!
Well, we took her for many many walks around the apartment, the carpark, by the road, up some hills, and you know what? Our little pup did *AWESOME*!

This trip was a huge milestone for Eva. She started being really socialized around people and cars.
At home, when we walked past them, she would stop and stare or occasionally try to run up and jump. This isn't exactly the behavior you want in a dog, right, especially if you're by the road?
So for the first few times when people walked past her, we got her to sit from far and just watch until they left.
Then slowly, she got used to them. We also got my niece and nephew to come play with her so that she could be socialized with kids too. She did very well, only trying to jump once, the rest of the time, sitting patiently while they screamed and jumped around like monkeys.
We also took Eva on the pavement by the road to watch the cars go by, with her just sitting all the time.
She hasn't completely gotten used to cars yet, but at least we can see an huge leap of improvement since yesterday.

Another thing Eva learnt today was how to climb stairs.
You may ask, "Eva doesn't know how to climb stairs????"
Unfortunately, not. In fact, she's scared of them.
So how did she overcome her fear and lack of confidence?
At first we'd carry her up and down the stairs, but once we put her front two paws on the first step, she slowly managed to climb up the whole flight, receiving a ton of praises from us.

She also went in ELEVATORS! To get up to our flat on the 6th floor, we'd need to go into the elevator. She had no problems there :))

I think overall, Eva learnt that sitting is the answer to most things...things that she wants, usually, or how to be calm and well mannered among people, instead of jumping on them.

What a weekend!

Now for the pictures *dun dun dun*

The car trip with Eva on Rosie's lap the whole time! I don't know who's the lucky one here :))

Watching Hachiko - A dog's tale at night with the whole family.

Now for the beginning of many walks to come.
First, in the lift!

Walking out!

See the wind?

Some headshots

Going up the stairs!

Sitting for something.

And finally, for a video of Eva gaiting (a showdog style of trotting in the ring).

Here are some snapshots first...

And before I forget,

Happy Easter!


Sara said...

Happy Easter to your whole family!

Looks like a show dog in the making!

Chris and Ricky said...

Happy Easter! Wow - what an excellent outing and Eva did well and learned to cope with so many things! Hurray for her! She looks great in the video - will you be showing her in conformation?

Scout and Freyja said...

Wishing you a Hoppity Easter that is eggs-tra special☺

Bandit's Pack said...

What fun! It's so exciting that Eva's just beginning her outside adventures. Happy Easter! Luv, Bandit ♥

Life With Dogs said...

Those headshots are great! Expensive camera?

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Happy Easter! Eva looks like she is doing great!! We just started doing walks the other day! We thought Ace would give us problems because he HATES the collar...but suprisingly he RUNS to me when I pull it out now...(now we need to get him calm to put it on haha)!!
He was/is afraid of stairs as well!! It's all in his head! haha I think with a little more practice, it will be easy!! Ace is still much smaller than Eva, so maybe that is why he is still scared of the big scary stairs haha (mind you there are only 3 of them).
Oh! I wanted to tell you, I have been trying the Nothing in life is Free thing with Ace, and I must say...i LOVE it! He is really catching on, and I was very proud this morning when he sat for his new easter bunny toy! haha
Happy Easter!!

Remington said...

Eva had quite the adventure! So many new things! Great for her to experience those things. She looked like a show dog in the video! Great job!

Diana said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I saw your comment on Ricky's blog. Miley is cow hocked too. Its not a bad thing.In border collies its in their breed standard. It allows them to get up from a down faster and turn faster. So see , it isnt a bad thing as long as it isnt to servere. Diana

Vonnie said...

Awww bless she is gorgeous! Looks like shes havinf a fab time! Loved her watching the TV (Ellie wwatches but barks LOL) Hope you had a lovely time and Happy Easter!

Emma Rose said...

That is all wonderful news! Sounds like she is doing great.

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